The Wedding Story by Julianne Homokay

“The Wedding Story” by Julianne Homokay takes a very comical view at marriage unlike “Trifles” were we see the dark side of marriage. This play mainly deals with the misconceptions that exist about marriage and finding “the one”. The story begins with the Storyteller telling an audience of children that marriage is like a fairytale. He says that the bride and groom were high school sweethearts and basically sugar coats everything. The bride and groom beg the Storyteller to tell the children the truth and when he does present the real image of marriage the Bride and Groom realize that his original sugar-coated version was a lot better. This play is very cynical and tells us that our image of marriage is really wrong and we shouldn’t let that be a standard in our society.

            The marriage described in the play is very dysfunctional it presents a very extreme possibility of how a marriage could be. It goes on to tell us that the marriage is between a thirty-five year old woman and a twenty-four year old man and that instead of being high school sweethearts they met at a bar. They didn’t marry each other for love but the woman got married because she was old and thought this was her only chance of marriage and the man got married because he was gay. The bride goes on to say that the audience has to be told the truth because “No one’s life turns out like that. How many of those kids will live up to your version of the story? None! They can’t, it’s too much pressure.” This shows the stories ultimate goal which is that we shouldn’t be constantly measuring up to the ideals that society has tried to implement upon us. Instead we should do what feels best for us.


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